Words Written Online are Written in Ink

Words Written Online are Written in Ink


It’s hard for me to write this as something has affected me in a way that sometimes you just can not think straight, or concentrate.

Remember when writing things online is usually writing them in INK. And these words can linger on far beyond after you are gone. Writing words from hurt feelings for me is a bit like having a conversation with a sober person when you are totally drunk. You may not portray your words the way you want, or people may perceive them differently.

I had now removed myself from Facebook for a indefinite amount of time. Weather I will be back I am not sure, but I just want to remove myself from that temptation of wasting time in knowing what other people are doing.

People are more like keyboard warriors on Facebook. Posting updates so frequently and it’s so easy to hit that “POST” button when done. It was so easy to just blurt out something and send it off. At least writing this I have to use somewhat of the brain capacity that I have left to ensure there are enough words to fill the page.

I had some information, and I had sent a status on Facebook, it was aimed to be a revelation or a question. The exact words I do not know how I had said it. It was aimed at someone and how people only change after a significant event. The fact is that people assumed one thing, and I meant another. Now those words are stuck on there and I look like a fool.

With these words I had hurt someones feelings, or they mis-read the words.

I have now lost something good.

Alot of people mis-understand intents on updates, and it had ruined something nice that I had. I only wish now that I could take it all back. Think about your actions, how they will affect others? How will others see it? What will people say?

Some people will not care at all most of the time what they say. But the fact of the matter is that they will care when something happens to to them that affects them unexpectedly.

I wish I could take it all back, I wish I had not created that drama. I only hope that someday I can rebuild that relationship. As the saying goes “sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me.” This is not true, and with the ever changing dynamics of the human race. Words hurt more than physical trauma.

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  1. Dear Lord this is fantastic. I was reading the first part when I heard my sister got the book. So naturally, I read this last part and I LOL irl for about the entire thgaB.irnva.

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