Success, what is it, how is it measured, what is it to people, what do you do once you find that success ?

My success is something that always changes, and I have many different areas of success, in family, work, friendship. I find I am not totally success full in all of the areas at any one time, you will dominate in one area first and another area another time.

People may see me as successful from their eyes, and for that I am grateful, but your most toughest critic will always be yourself. Most people if not all will only show their successes, and not their faults or failures. NO-ONE is perfect, but other people may be perfect in your eyes.

How do we measure our own success?

How do we measure our own success, is it when we finally achieve our goals? is it at 80%, 90%, 0r 99% ? I believe they are successful in just being happy with themselves, and happy with what they do and happy with what they have done in life. Regardless of how much they want to climb that ladder, or how much money they have, or how big their company is.

the first part is being happy in yourself, and what you have done for others is the main part of success. In doing this you will find people will realise that money is not everything. You can have all of the money in the world but still be unhappy.

Do not get me wrong, success and happiness do not necessarily go hand in hand, it takes the right balance of a combination of things in your life to have both of them. As I write this am not 100% happy with what has happened within my life, this will change, so will my success goals, and my happiness, but it is currently out of my control.

Everyone is successful at something in their lives, most people are always looking for more of it, myself included. But also being conscious of yourself, and being in the moment of everyday life, having the ability to relax from the everyday of stressful life, and being happy with what you have right here and now, is success in its own.

Success is something you should see in yourself, and not what others see in you, or what you see in others. It is not just being happy with what you have done. But it is also what you do! You do need to stay focused.

To be continued…


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