Life Without Facebook

Life Without Facebook

There is no doubt Facebook has changed how we interact with one another. It is making us more social and interact more with one another each day.

But do you ever think how much time do you really spend on Facebook ? What is the last thing you did before going to bed last night? What was the first thing you did when you woke up this morning? Do you Facepoop on the toilet!. Do you pick up your phone in front of your friends to check, or do you sit in front of your friends and Facebook each other.

I have given myself a goal to disconnect from this social media platform, to reconnect with the people that I love and know. I would much rather see people face to face and give them an update on my life. If my life is on Facebook then what do you talk about when you finally see your fiends.

Do you see your friends more infrequently than if you are on Facebook.  I’m not sure if I will be answering these questions, but it should be interesting either way.

06/05-2016 – Today is my first day without Facebook, I find myself touching my phone to go and open the app to see the world. In fact I am already looking at the world.

It may take some time for me to adapt to this old new way of thing in having to get my updates from the people directly. I announced it for about 10 minuets before deactivating my account the night before.

I have had some people who are concerned about me ring to see if everything is okay. It actually is not but time heals all wounds, and I did not want to be vaguebooking and making people ask if I am ok, or what is wrong.

The first day was not as bad as what I would have thought. I did find myself picking up my phone automatically and involuntary, touching the screen then putting it back. It is quite annoying but satisfying as well to know that is 2-3 minuets that I can concentrate effectively each time I could have been checking updates.

At night I found myself I front of the television messaging friends to see who should be chatting back, and to my surprise, it was more satisfying to have that one on one contact.

12/05/2016 – it is going well, I’m find that I am picking up the phone less and less. And being more productive with my day, apart from typing in here using my phone of tablet. It is sometimes better not knowing what is happening on Facebook. You really are just another dollar figure and the more you are on there the more the advertisers push their garbage in front of you.

16/05/2016 – Much better now, I find that there are less distractions throughout the day, I have started to become accustomed to looking to do more productive things, your mind still wonders what is happening out there but overall sometimes you are better just wondering. Because if you find out what is actually happening, this just makes you think more, and more about it.

24/07/2016 – OK, OK, after a small time off of Facebook, I have slowly arrived back on there. I have found out that I have some services that require Facebook to be active. So I keep it activated. I had decided to keep my privacy level low at the beginning, but now just towards friends.

Although having my brief time off of Facebook, it has made me realise it consumes you. I was always checking status’s updates. I am now able to not look at it all day. I have turned my notifications off. But I suppose it is a mater of time before I am back on there checking on an hourly basis.

I will continue to update on my usage.

25/08/2016 – Well Facebook usage is going ok, I am finding I am checking on my posts on a regular basis to see who has liked them. Strange to think I want to be Mr Popular, but I think I find some comfort to know people are interested in my life. I am posting more positive posts, inspirational quotes, and try to avoid the negative things. Either ignore them or block them. I know a few people who jump on and off Facebook on a regular basis, I’m not sure what this achieves maybe to just hide.?

Facebook is a personalised news media platform. Keeping you up to date on your friends (or so called) and other pages and things that you like, but, I think people become overwhelmed with the information that they get bombarded with. The negativity, all of the meme’s, positive and negative statements, vaguebooking. and the woe is me attention seeking.

I’m still in two minds about Facebook, I want to remove it again. But it’s so easy to keep it to keep in contact with the ones I love (for me my children) and see them grow up, lets see what the future holds.

25/08/2016 – Well I have gone and disabled facebook again, as well as deleted the app from my phone! Again I found i was checking it every second spare minuet that I had, it was just consuming time.

I have friends who have deleted the app and disabled their accounts because the amount of negativity on the site. For me I tended to remove or unfollow the negativity and focus on helping others, and being positive myself.

I found myself checking in-front of my children, posting and checking for updates, and mindlessly looking for hours on end at night. If only this time could be used more productively, things may be different. I’m not exactly unhappy, but I think things will be easier without the f’book.

Ciao for now and hopefully se will see you all soon.

2 thoughts on “Life Without Facebook

    1. Brandi,

      Yes I am still without Facebook, sometimes its better not knowing whats going on, it saves you the distractions. I am still on messenger, but that is to keep in contact with the people that are over seas etc. I still find myself picking up my phone and unlocking and putting it down but not as often any more. I feel I am happier, and defiantly less clutter..


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