Communication is key in life. Ask yourself, in any situation, when is communication not welcomed ? Communication can present itself in many different mediums; verbal, chemical, posture, the list goes on. I for one like communication, I want people around me, I thrive on communication, knowledge, information. But communication needs to be effective, efficient, relative, without this it is simply not communication and garbled noise.

Communication is the sun’s light hitting the earth and you knowing it is still burning. Communication is the pain you feel when you prick your finger, your brain telling you it hurts. Communication is the scowl on your child’s face to let you know they are not happy or upset.

Why have I decided to write about this ?? Well a lot of things have come up in my life,  it is my communication to other people which is affecting my own relationships with them around me. It is the communication I receive from other people or lack of. Am I am failing in my communication, am I dropping the ball, and I need to change this! Only I have the power to do this.

When communication fails, so do relationships, business, friendships, personal. People want to know what is going on. This is one success of Facebook! people like to know what every one else is up to. You can post something on Facebook and everyone can see, this is efficient communication to multiple people.

What is it that makes people good communicators ? Integrity is one of them, doing what you say you will do !, respect for others to know what they mean to you!.

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