About me, I am no one in particular, I am not an online guru, or sensation. I am ME.

I was born and raised on the Gold Coast, Quensland. This is a beautiful place, and I will probably pass my years away in this area. I am father to 3 beautiful kids, whom I would do anything for.

I have made mistakes, and made success. But NO-ONE, I repeat NO-ONE is perfect, people only perceive this.

This site is a way of me being able to express myself to the world in a way better than I can express them in direct words. For some reason it is easier for me to write all of this down. Sometimes words get stuck and lost in this grey matter.

But more on me later.

Who would read this… Well hopefully no one, but then again, this is online for everyone to see. So I am an open book to the world. My only hope is that people find this interesting enough to keep their attention span of less than a gold fish, now we have our smart technology.


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