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Success, what is it, how is it measured, what is it to people, what do you do once you find that success ?

My success is something that always changes, and I have many different areas of success, in family, work, friendship. I find I am not totally success full in all of the areas at any one time, you will dominate in one area first and another area another time.

People may see me as successful from their eyes, and for that I am grateful, but your most toughest critic will always be yourself. Most people if not all will only show their successes, and not their faults or failures. NO-ONE is perfect, but other people may be perfect in your eyes.

How do we measure our own success?

How do we measure our own success, is it when we finally achieve our goals? is it at 80%, 90%, 0r 99% ? I believe they are successful in just being happy with themselves, and happy with what they do and happy with what they have done in life. Regardless of how much they want to climb that ladder, or how much money they have, or how big their company is.

the first part is being happy in yourself, and what you have done for others is the main part of success. In doing this you will find people will realise that money is not everything. You can have all of the money in the world but still be unhappy.

Do not get me wrong, success and happiness do not necessarily go hand in hand, it takes the right balance of a combination of things in your life to have both of them. As I write this am not 100% happy with what has happened within my life, this will change, so will my success goals, and my happiness, but it is currently out of my control.

Everyone is successful at something in their lives, most people are always looking for more of it, myself included. But also being conscious of yourself, and being in the moment of everyday life, having the ability to relax from the everyday of stressful life, and being happy with what you have right here and now, is success in its own.

Success is something you should see in yourself, and not what others see in you, or what you see in others. It is not just being happy with what you have done. But it is also what you do! You do need to stay focused.

To be continued…


Business Partners

Business Partners

Starting your own business can be an exciting thing, the thrill you have to be able to be your own boss, choose your own hours, and do your own thing. Things go well for quite some time and you are making good progress in making things work. But what do you think about business partners ?

Whats Best for the Business

After a few years of attempting to expand, trying to make things grow, spreading your self too thin to get everything done. Eventually you come to a realization that you just cannot get it all done yourself, you need help to help share the work load, to get hints organised or things done.

What went wrong ? There is no singular failure point, but things like, starting a business in the industry you work in is the main problem sometimes. As when things need to be done, you drop the important things and pitch in. And the. Neglect the important things that you need to do.

I fell into this trap, and ended up working redo lupus hours to ensure everything got done, and eventually you will get burnt out. Some people will not, and live to thrive off this high energy 80+ hour work week. But what is this for, you’re a hard worker, but what about social life.

I for one do not want to waste my years working hard for no or little reward. I want to enjoy time with friends, family, relaxing and having fun. That is what life is about.

So after struggling in my business, maybe from poor management, or leadership, and making little money I was about to close the doors. It was about time.

I had thought about a business partner before, but to be honest I was greedy, I didn’t have much money, and didn’t want to share what little I had with anyone. I just did not have that money to share. But after a long hard think, and about to close my doors, what else could I loose.?

Thinking if I bought someone on board what was I getting myself into ? What are they getting into? I ended up biting the bullet and posting an advert in one of the local online traders, and see what happens.

I had two replies from the advertisement. The first one was from a management company that has people in multiple areas, was not located in the same state, and wanted over $1,800.00 per month to help manage my business somehow. I had started to deal with this company who was going to provide support in areas, that needed attention from a questionnaire and information we had spoken about. Some weeks went buy I was about to sign up, and pay the first months installment when I got a call from the second person.

They had come to my office, and we began to discuss what my business is about, and what I wanted to do with my life, and where I ideally wanted the business to be. They had initially offered to go into partners with buying another business together and be partners, they would put up 2/3 and I would need to put int 1/3 of the purchase price. The business did not necessarily interest me, but the figures had. And I was interested.

What other businesses have business partners?

But I did not have any money to invest into another business. If I did I would not have been looking for a business partner. My business had debt, and it was almost insolvent. If I had any money I would be walking away and cutting my losses and go and work for someone else. The thought of that just makes me want to run for the hills.

We had talked for hours that day, and we seemed to gel really well, they understood where I was at with everything and both of our ideas were running in the same direction. They were not technically minded by any means, and today, they still are not. We decided to think about it for a week or so, when finally, I got a phone call back from them. We had made another meeting to discuss things further, and see where we could take the business, and do future business together.

What Interested me about this person is that they are the total opposite to what I am, they seem to strive to make things better (so did I), but doing this in a different way. They did the things that I wanted to do in business, but somehow I felt I was unable to do to these.

One of the first and probably the major rule in having a business partner “Business comes first and what’s best for the business”, my business partner and I live and breathe by this rule, although we may not see things eye to eye all of the time, we can respect each others strengths, and we can leverage those to ensure a successful business.

It is better to have half of something than all of nothing.

When I first started business, I wanted it all. I did not want to share, I wanted to be the next Richard Branson, or Elon Musk. And after a few years you still have that illusion, when you start to get to the 5 year mark, you start to realize how am I going to do this ? Or come to the realization that you were just not built to do it. I found myself doing all of the work for little reward, and I was stubborn to the fact that it things will change, the flood gates will open and that opportunity will come along. But it did not. I was in debt, and sinking fast.

2 Years down the track after taking on my business partner, our main business is still going strong, and we are constantly improving it and trying to make it better. We each draw a regular wage from the company, profits are up, all of the bills are paid and up to date. We have a long way to go, but I would not be here with out them. I consider my business partner my friend to a degree, but first and foremost, it is business. I do not want feelings and friendship to get in the way of a professional relationship.

I take more money now from the business than when I did when I was going things all by myself, and I am not doing as much of the work.

Key things to take away

  • Business first and whats best for the business
  • Respect for each other
  • Communication
  • Open minds
  • Opposite to yourself
  • It is better to have half of $1,000,000 with half the work, than $500,000 and do all of the work.
  • What do you want out of it

By doing this you should have a long business partner relationship, if not then it may not last. I have no regrets in taking them on board and I hope we will continue our success into the far future.

Life Without Facebook

Life Without Facebook

There is no doubt Facebook has changed how we interact with one another. It is making us more social and interact more with one another each day.

But do you ever think how much time do you really spend on Facebook ? What is the last thing you did before going to bed last night? What was the first thing you did when you woke up this morning? Do you Facepoop on the toilet!. Do you pick up your phone in front of your friends to check, or do you sit in front of your friends and Facebook each other.

I have given myself a goal to disconnect from this social media platform, to reconnect with the people that I love and know. I would much rather see people face to face and give them an update on my life. If my life is on Facebook then what do you talk about when you finally see your fiends.

Do you see your friends more infrequently than if you are on Facebook.  I’m not sure if I will be answering these questions, but it should be interesting either way.

06/05-2016 – Today is my first day without Facebook, I find myself touching my phone to go and open the app to see the world. In fact I am already looking at the world.

It may take some time for me to adapt to this old new way of thing in having to get my updates from the people directly. I announced it for about 10 minuets before deactivating my account the night before.

I have had some people who are concerned about me ring to see if everything is okay. It actually is not but time heals all wounds, and I did not want to be vaguebooking and making people ask if I am ok, or what is wrong.

The first day was not as bad as what I would have thought. I did find myself picking up my phone automatically and involuntary, touching the screen then putting it back. It is quite annoying but satisfying as well to know that is 2-3 minuets that I can concentrate effectively each time I could have been checking updates.

At night I found myself I front of the television messaging friends to see who should be chatting back, and to my surprise, it was more satisfying to have that one on one contact.

12/05/2016 – it is going well, I’m find that I am picking up the phone less and less. And being more productive with my day, apart from typing in here using my phone of tablet. It is sometimes better not knowing what is happening on Facebook. You really are just another dollar figure and the more you are on there the more the advertisers push their garbage in front of you.

16/05/2016 – Much better now, I find that there are less distractions throughout the day, I have started to become accustomed to looking to do more productive things, your mind still wonders what is happening out there but overall sometimes you are better just wondering. Because if you find out what is actually happening, this just makes you think more, and more about it.

24/07/2016 – OK, OK, after a small time off of Facebook, I have slowly arrived back on there. I have found out that I have some services that require Facebook to be active. So I keep it activated. I had decided to keep my privacy level low at the beginning, but now just towards friends.

Although having my brief time off of Facebook, it has made me realise it consumes you. I was always checking status’s updates. I am now able to not look at it all day. I have turned my notifications off. But I suppose it is a mater of time before I am back on there checking on an hourly basis.

I will continue to update on my usage.

25/08/2016 – Well Facebook usage is going ok, I am finding I am checking on my posts on a regular basis to see who has liked them. Strange to think I want to be Mr Popular, but I think I find some comfort to know people are interested in my life. I am posting more positive posts, inspirational quotes, and try to avoid the negative things. Either ignore them or block them. I know a few people who jump on and off Facebook on a regular basis, I’m not sure what this achieves maybe to just hide.?

Facebook is a personalised news media platform. Keeping you up to date on your friends (or so called) and other pages and things that you like, but, I think people become overwhelmed with the information that they get bombarded with. The negativity, all of the meme’s, positive and negative statements, vaguebooking. and the woe is me attention seeking.

I’m still in two minds about Facebook, I want to remove it again. But it’s so easy to keep it to keep in contact with the ones I love (for me my children) and see them grow up, lets see what the future holds.

25/08/2016 – Well I have gone and disabled facebook again, as well as deleted the app from my phone! Again I found i was checking it every second spare minuet that I had, it was just consuming time.

I have friends who have deleted the app and disabled their accounts because the amount of negativity on the site. For me I tended to remove or unfollow the negativity and focus on helping others, and being positive myself.

I found myself checking in-front of my children, posting and checking for updates, and mindlessly looking for hours on end at night. If only this time could be used more productively, things may be different. I’m not exactly unhappy, but I think things will be easier without the f’book.

Ciao for now and hopefully se will see you all soon.

Words Written Online are Written in Ink

Words Written Online are Written in Ink


It’s hard for me to write this as something has affected me in a way that sometimes you just can not think straight, or concentrate.

Remember when writing things online is usually writing them in INK. And these words can linger on far beyond after you are gone. Writing words from hurt feelings for me is a bit like having a conversation with a sober person when you are totally drunk. You may not portray your words the way you want, or people may perceive them differently.

I had now removed myself from Facebook for a indefinite amount of time. Weather I will be back I am not sure, but I just want to remove myself from that temptation of wasting time in knowing what other people are doing.

People are more like keyboard warriors on Facebook. Posting updates so frequently and it’s so easy to hit that “POST” button when done. It was so easy to just blurt out something and send it off. At least writing this I have to use somewhat of the brain capacity that I have left to ensure there are enough words to fill the page.

I had some information, and I had sent a status on Facebook, it was aimed to be a revelation or a question. The exact words I do not know how I had said it. It was aimed at someone and how people only change after a significant event. The fact is that people assumed one thing, and I meant another. Now those words are stuck on there and I look like a fool.

With these words I had hurt someones feelings, or they mis-read the words.

I have now lost something good.

Alot of people mis-understand intents on updates, and it had ruined something nice that I had. I only wish now that I could take it all back. Think about your actions, how they will affect others? How will others see it? What will people say?

Some people will not care at all most of the time what they say. But the fact of the matter is that they will care when something happens to to them that affects them unexpectedly.

I wish I could take it all back, I wish I had not created that drama. I only hope that someday I can rebuild that relationship. As the saying goes “sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me.” This is not true, and with the ever changing dynamics of the human race. Words hurt more than physical trauma.

Climb for Cancer

Climb for Cancer


An estimated 128,000 new cases of cancer will be diagnosed in Australia this year. Providing support for cancer patients, people living with cancer, their families and carers is a key activity of Cancer Councils around Australia.

So chances are that someone within your circle will be affected by this terrible disease. We NEED your help!

For this reason.


Researchers cannot continue their vital and world-class work into cancer care and research without the generous support of people like you.

My name is Nicholas Domartschuk , I am a 34 I have been affected by relatives passing away from cancer, and I would like to do my bit to help those who suffer from this disease.

Why is this a challenge for me? in 2011 I had suffered injuries from being crushed by a freak vehicle accident. I had/have extensive injuries and I now challenge myself physically and mentally to push my own boundaries.

The climb will challenge me physically. But is the first step for self improvement, and being able to help others.

The climb will be held on May 19th 2016, although I have started this campaign late, I still think the amount is quite achieveable. So we are aiming to have these funds by this time.

All funds (100%) raised through Go Fund Me will be forwarded onto the Cancer Council, and proof will be provided 🙂

By sponsoring me with this challenge for myself, you will be helping support a worthy cause.. I am not doing this for personal gain. I would just want to make a difference.

Below is the Climb for Cancer video.

Climb for Cancer – Brisbane Event



Thank you to everyone who helped me through this challenge.